Low-Impact Exercises for Older Adults to Try | Executive Care of Avon Lake

Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle for people of any age. And especially important for seniors!

But what can people who have joint pain or mobility issues do to get the regular exercise that they need? Let’s take a look at a variety of easy, low-impact exercises that may be a good fit for building your aging loved one’s exercise routine!


The most basic of low-impact exercises is walking. Even with limited mobility, this is an exercise that most people can do for a little bit every day.

Encourage your loved ones who are out of shape or just out of practice to get into the habit of walking over the course of a couple of weeks. Even squeezing in a 10-minute walk every day is a lot healthier than inactivity!

Chair Exercises

Walking isn’t an option for every senior! Luckily, there are lots of options for loved ones who are wheelchair bound or suffering from arthritis or degenerative disease in their lower extremities.

Seniors with a variety of ranges of motion can enjoy some upper body chair exercises. Start by warming up with some simple neck stretches and shoulder circles to loosen up tight joints.

Move on to strengthening the arm muscles by using light weights or canned goods to perform a seated row, drawing the elbows back and squeezing the shoulder blades together, and then extending the arms forward again. Cool down the triceps and engage the trapezius muscles by doing some slow shoulder rolls after that!

Finally, strengthen the core by doing some seated abdominal twists.


Swimming on its own makes for an excellent full body workout without heavy impact on the joints. Additionally, your loved one can try some swimming exercises to mix things up some!

Using a kick board or the side of the pool, seniors can straighten their legs with quick kicks or slower leg swings.

Limited leg movement? Try using water weights to do arm circles, arm curls or a chest fly!

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